Our All-Natural Meats Badge

Meat The Butchers’ All Natural Proteins

Meat The Butcher’s All-Natural meat badge can be found on all of our cuts of meat because it symbolizes the steps we take to provide a protein that has been minimally processed and contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or hormones. This once-meaningful term might be losing its potency in the current everyday supermarket, but we take it very seriously. To us, “All Natural” is not only a label, it’s a promise.


All Natural Animal Husbandry

The first and most vital step Meat The Butchers takes in ensuring our customers receive all-natural meats is teaming up with local, humane family farms who are dedicated to caring for both their animals and the planet. All farms we partner with hold themselves to standards of sustainability, humane raising, and ethical farming. This means all cuts on our site come from animals who were never given hormones, antibiotics, or fed artificial ingredients.

Minimally Processed Meat

Meat The Butchers’ minimal processing methods were put in place so we can prepare our meats for consumption without altering the integrity of their original state or flavor. Our proteins are handled by our team of artisan butchers, who undergo a company-exclusive 18-month training program, so we can provide the highest quality meats available to the online consumer: cut, packaged and shipped. No chemicals, no preservatives, no flavoring, no nonsense.

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For an expertly handled roast, this level of excellence comes naturally.

No Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives

Our meats never, ever contain dyes or flavorings; our meats get their red color from being the freshest meats available for delivery and get their delicious full flavors from being raised with the utmost care. Our partners’ humane farming practices and a natural diet for their animals are what are responsible for the delectable flavors of our meats. Read more about how our meats are farmed here.

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We let you choose your ingredients instead of adding our own.

We don’t add preservatives to our proteins because our meats are intended to be served and enjoyed at the peak of freshness. Our steaks, chops, and fillets are delivered chilled and ready to prep, having never been frozen before, and all fresh meat can be stored in a freezer for several months after being delivered if the customer so chooses. We believe this is not only the optimum way to enjoy high-quality meats, but the only way to receive all the beneficial nutrients our all-natural meats have to offer.

Meat The Butchers All Natural Meat Delivery

All cuts available on our Online Store are guaranteed to be shipped to you in the most natural state achievable. Our packaging allows us to ship our products raw, never frozen, and individually cut to perfection. A package from Meat The Butchers is a package of the most simple, honest, freshest meats available online. Order yours today.