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What Hormone-Free Means to Us

Many people have it in mind that the highest price tag would guarantee the best cut of meat at the grocery store. The fact of the matter is, there’s almost no telling the kind of steak or chop you’re buying at the supermarket, how it was raised or where it came from. Meat The Butchers has one mission: To provide the highest quality meats available online. To do that we look past price and marbling for a second and make sure the meat we buy was not only raised with care, but integrity.

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Why More Can Cost Less

For example, many large supermarkets will source their meats from larger, commercial farms. At these commercial farms, the animals that are raised there are often being injected with growth hormones to dole out the most meat in the least amount of time to meat high demand. While these hormones are FDA approved and found to be safe for humans when they eat this meat, growth hormones are not natural for the animal and can cause significant effects on those who consume them.

The First Step in Quality

Smaller family-owned farms are where you can find animals that are raised with healthier and more traditional methods. Sustainable family farms choose humane care over quantity and as a result, they provide meats that are top in not only health but flavor and quality. Meats from our local family farms:

Never receive any hormones or antibiotics.
Have exceptional land to live on.
Are fed with natural ingredients.
Enjoy an environment where they can live without stress.

Meat The Butchers is Hormone-Free

Meat The Butchers is the one meat supplier online that consistently chooses the latter. We support our local farmers here in California who practice sustainable farming methods. They do not inject their animals with any growth hormones, so you can be certain that the meat you order from us was raised with the highest level of integrity. We strongly believe in supporting local family farms, in the ethical treatment of animals, and in the purity of the fresh, fine meat we offer you. Check out our selections, from beef to poultry to fish, by visiting our online store at