Amazon Treasure Truck

A Winning Recipe

Is there anything more personal than what we put in our bellies? We know that when a steak is ordered from our website, it’s not just a product. That’s a post-workout meal, or a barbecue with friends or a family dinner. Meat the Butchers was created to deliver high quality proteins quickly and effortlessly to your doorstep so anyone can enjoy healthy sustainable meats at the peak of freshness.

We are constantly looking for new ways to get out meats to your homes, from our own private fleet of drivers delivering to the Southern California regions, to priority overnight shipping in our high-tech, temperature-controlled packaging. During our research for new avenues, we knew we wanted our proteins to be synonymous with speed, care and quality. When Amazon approached us with a partnership for their Treasure Truck we knew it would be a recipe for success.

When it comes to breaking ground, the internet can always count on Amazon to think of the newest way to get cool, professional and exciting products to you in record times with impeccable service.

With their new Treasure Truck formula, they stock up on their favorite product or artisanal food pick of the day and deliver it, on wheels, to a lucky city of their choice. You just buy the item through their app and stop by the truck to pick it up that same day! Fast, delicious and simple!

What better way to get our never-frozen proteins in your hands at the peak of freshness? There probably isn’t one.


When Amazon, the internet/logistic rockstar, reached out to us we were honored. Through months of research and audits by the Amazon Review board it was determined we reached all of their high-end criteria for food quality and service. Of course, we were expecting no less from an entity as highly-regarded and trendsetting as the big A.

Which just makes a sound so much sweeter when we say that after countless hours of collaboration, Amazon placed their first order with us and made our proteins available to the savvy citizens of Seattle, Washington?

With our first treasure truck event turning out as such an unqualified success, you can look forward to several if not many many more events and treasure truck offers for Meat the Butchers proteins in the future! Sign up for Amazon Treasure Truck text alerts and keep an eye out for when our proteins are near you!

Or feel free to shop directly from our variety of fresh proteins available in shop.