5 Reasons To Stay In This Valentine’s Day

Out of the Restaurant, Into Your Home

Instead of the typical romantic dinner out for Valentine’s Day, how about throwing on an apron and treating your loved one to a home-cooked dinner? Here’s 5 reasons to make reservations for two at the most intimate venue in the world: your dining room.

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Restaurants work diligently to create an ambiance of luxury and relaxation, but no matter where you go, you will still be in a large eating to the sounds hundreds of other people, talking over dozens of other conversations. Why risk not even getting the booth you asked for, or waiting an hour to be seated by the kitchen door. Save the best seats in town for your loved one and have a quiet peaceful night in together.


Besides the headache of trying to get reservations at your first restaurant pick this late into January, going out to a fancy location, finding parking, commuting there, can consume a lot of your evening. Why not spend the most quality time together as possible, totally stress free, by turning your own dining room into the high-end establishment you both know you’ll love.


Five star restaurants don’t deal in chump change; between paying the valet and tipping your waiter, you’ll all but have to hold back an audible gasp when you hear today’s market price for filleted swordfish or bluefin tuna. Instead of paying for labor and service charge, why not use more of your budget toward buying more of the delicious steaks and fillets you would eat out on the town and have it delivered right to your home.


While we like to hope for the best when we’re paying triple digits for a meal out on the town, more often than not you can’t guarantee the quality of our food or where exactly it’s coming from. Take control of your Valentine’s dinner by making sure you’re buying only high quality ingredients like artisan spices, fresh herbs, and all natural meat and seafood. The difference is noticeable when you have all the fresh foods you need and make a meal that was handled with care and made with love.


There’s no better way to show your other half that they are always on your mind than a carefully planned meal, a beautifully decorated home dining room, and fresh, high quality ingredients. It may be slightly less prestigious, it might be slightly better quality food, but either way, the effort you put into making this Valentine’s Day at home one to remember forever is worth more than any gift, any amount of money and any reservation in the world.

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