The Benefits of Fresh, Never-Frozen Meat

Meat The Butchers is proud to only ship meat that is fresh and has never been frozen. We do everything with pride, but this is one of our most important accomplishments.

Taste is king, and the first thing that is affected during the freezing of meat is the flavor. The speed at which something was frozen changes the amount of ice crystals that are created inside the cells of your meat. Slow freezing creates a few large crystals and quick freezing creates a large number of small crystals. Ice crystals no matter the size can damage the cell walls inside of your protein and ruin its texture as well as destroy natural juices during the thawing process.

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If it ruins the taste, why would companies freeze their meat? The answer is simple, to extend shelf life of the product. Red meat can be frozen for months without spoiling, which means there is no guarantee on how old the product you are purchasing is. At Meat The Butchers we age our meat; dry age that is. For example, our amazing rib chop bone-in signature steak is dry aged for 28-days to tender perfection. We pick meat with perfectly even fat distribution for storage in a climate and moisture controlled room to allow time for the beef’s natural enzymes to break down (which is what makes the meat more tender).

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Freshness guarantees flavor and quality of your proteins, that’s why Meat The Butchers guarantees your meat will be delivered to you fresh, chilled in our innovative packaging, and never frozen from the moment you place your order to the moment you receive it. Whether it is a perfect rack of lamb, a classic and simple chicken breast, or an expertly aged piece of beef; we know you will be able to taste the difference.

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