What You Didn’t Know About St. Patricks Day

To say that this is a big holiday for beer companies would be an understatement. This traditionally Irish holiday marking the death of Saint Patrick, “apostle of Ireland”, AKA Maewyn Succat, brings out the brew-lover in most of us. On his day, the Christian Lenten restrictions on eating certain foods and consuming alcohol are lifted for the day, so now every year on March 17th, the taps start flowing with no signs of stopping; the largest bar tab is recorded to be 245 million dollars and Guinness sales increase by 10 million pints!

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While people tend to knock the celebration of this Irish holiday in the states, the truth is that over 38 million Americans have some sort of Irish ancestry while the whole population of Ireland is only 4.8 million. So whichever side of the debate you’re on, there’s no denying that on March 17th, there is no shortage of parties and shindigs to attend throughout the night!

If you’re planning on hosting festivities of your own, there’s no need to emphasize the importance of stocking up on your favorite ales, stouts and lagers, but just in case nobody has told you yet, you will most certainly be wise to stock up on snacks and foods to munch on!

Short on ideas? Check out our blog on the perfect foods to pair with your favorite brew. And take a scroll through our recipes page for even more inspiration. One thing that’s for certain is when you pair great beer with great beef, you won’t need much more to keep your guests satisfied. Meat the Butchers is here to help you be the host with the most this year and keep your party people coming back for more.