Our USDA Prime Steaks Badge

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You’re looking over the menu of your favorite sit-down restaurant. You’re about to order your favorite steak, the steak you order every time for its tenderness, flavor and smell. You wonder why not all steaks can taste like this. Well, did you notice the small note on the menu next to your favorite dish with those coveted words, “USDA Prime”?

When the USDA (the United States Department of Agriculture) grades a steak as Prime, it means that the meat came from a young, well-fed cattle. These meats have a higher ratio of marbling, which will result in a juicier, more tender, and more flavorful steak with a fine texture. A Prime grading is the superior grade amongst the ranking of steaks (the other two are Choice and Select), and if you’re looking for the best steak possible, you’ve looked in the right place.

Shopping for USDA Prime Cuts

Understandably, Prime steaks will be a bit pricier than non-Prime steaks. However, when you’re in the supermarket, it is important to pay attention to the USDA Prime label. Some beef will have a “Prime” sticker on it without the “USDA” specification. These steaks are not true USDA Prime quality. It’s a marketing ploy to get unassuming customers to buy a cheaper steak at a higher cost. Only when the package has the official “USDA Prime” shield sticker will it mean it is a true, very high quality, prime steak.

Buy USDA Prime Steak Online!

Prime beef is always served at the finest restaurants and steakhouses such as Boa Steakhouse, Nobu, and Bestia. These three fine dining establishments, among so many more, all serve their best steak dishes of USDA Prime quality beef provided by Meat The Butchers in Southern California. And now you can have the same great quality in your home. From local sustainable farms to the Meat The Butchers warehouse, to the high-end restaurant known as your dining table, your beef stays fresh and USDA Prime quality all throughout its journey.