For a delicious and easy go-to meal, try this quick-to-prepare salmon recipe and have a superior dinner on the table in 30 minutes. Freshness just can't wait!
A tender source of protein with melt-in-your-mouth satisfaction, beautiful colors, delicious flavors, the smell of fresh ingredients and the sizzling of a searing filet of cod. Every meal is an experience and this dish works every sense to fully satiate all your dinner needs.
When cooked to perfection, this filet recipe has a thick, crispy crust of toasted sesame seeds and a tender, mild tasting center of fresh wild-caught Ahi Tuna. The combination of textures and flavors will have you so enthralled in your dish you won't even wonder what's for dessert. Serve as main dish with a side of salad greens for a beautiful lunch.
For this crispy yet tender seafood lunch, you'll only need to set aside about half an hour. Serve with a side of salad greens and have a light, healthy and delicious lunch.
This combination of ingredients becomes an instant seafood fan favorite because of a flavorful, nutty crust that still lets the unique taste of the fish shine through. You'll want to make this simple recipe more than once!
Meat The Butcher's Chilean Sea bass is line-caught from the southern Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This succulent cod is an excellent source of protein and when seared just right, has a flaky, tender texture that can be cut with a fork. The Chilean Sea Bass's own flavors fair well with the sweet juices from cherry tomatoes.