5 Presidents’ Favorite Foods

We all know the President of the United States has a lot on his plate. It isn’t hard to see why when the White House staff includes 5 full-time chefs who can serve dinner for 140 guests and hors d’oeuvres for 1000 people whenever necessary. While the main kitchen is where most of the chefs’ hard work and culinary magic is done, the White House also includes a diet kitchen and a family kitchen for the president and first lady to use.

So with a world of culinary options at their fingertips, we ask ourselves, “what are our Foodie-in-Chiefs’ favorite things to eat?”

Donald Trump
When our current head of state used to deal in the gourmet steak business himself, Meat The Butchers can’t help but feel like we have a little something in common. As unique and unorthodox as you might find his personality and lifestyle, we think you’ll be surprised to find he has a personal taste not unlike yours or mine.

The Trump has been reported to enjoy a good meatloaf sandwich and, unsurprisingly, butter-basted rib eye steaks. While most of us know the key to a tender, juicy steak is a pinkish medium-rare center, the Trump prefers his meat cooked all the way through.
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Barack Obama
While our former commander-in-chief is still fresh on our minds, let’s talk about the fresh foods he would put on his plate. According to close friends and co-workers of the Obamas, the First Lady played a huge role in making sure Barack was eating right and getting the nutrition he needs. That’s why he was often seen eating fresh veggies, nuts, apples and fresh seafood. Occasionally he would also treat himself to a classic burger and pepperoni pizza, but don’t tell Michelle!
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John F Kennedy
According to chefs who worked in the White House at the time, JFK liked corn muffins something special. He enjoyed them with most of his meals of lamb chops, steak and baked beans. He was also known to be a huge lover of seafood, something we can definitely get behind!
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Thomas Jefferson
Thomas was known to be a lover of breakfast foods. The story goes when he visited Holland and tried waffles for the first time, he bought his own waffle iron!
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Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln was a huge lover of fresh fruit, especially apples. He was mostly seen eating fresh fruit and nuts, however, one meal stood out above all others and Honest Abe’s personal dish of choice: Chicken Fricassee with biscuits and oyster stew.
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So on this day of commemoration, whether you choose to honor Lincoln’s birthday, Washington’s birthday or use this as a day to remember all presidents past, you can feel more connected to them knowing they enjoy good eating just like you and I! If you feel like stepping it up and eating like the boss in the big house, Meat the Butchers offers the best ingredients so that you can feel like the Chief.