Take the sweetness of honey-glazed chicken and combine with a slight spicy kick of red pepper for a truly unique flavor experience. Serves well hot or cold and since it is fried without batter, this drumettes recipe serves as a lighter alternative to classic fried chicken.
Bid adieu to the old and welcome the new. Reign in 2016 just like you always do, with a bang. These spicy and sweet chicken skewers will melt in your mouth with flavor, and you'll want to put this peanut sauce on everything!
Make this elegant dinner for your family and they will be begging for more. Why reserve for a special occasion, make family dinner time special everyday.
Maybe the true beauty of roasted chicken isn't its tender consistency, crispy skin, or juicy mouthfuls; the beauty is that all the work is in the marinade. Prepare this spicy, tangy recipe as shown or multiply servings for as many chickens as you need to prepare. The sky's the limit!
Don't let this whole bird scare you from making a delicious, plentiful meal. The key is in the attention you give the chicken while it is roasting. The more you baste, the juicier it will be! This is a delicious recipe on it's own but is also a wonderful base recipe for anything that calls for shredded or diced cooked chicken.
Free range chicken tenderloin are perfect for frying up the most tender, moist and flavorful strips you can get. These all natural chicken tenders leave no room for being the average lunch. Serve up some hot chicken tenders at dinner, lunch, or even your next party because nobody will be able to keep their hands off these finger foods.