Meat The Truth – Poultry


Our Team Gives You the Word on the Bird


• The world shares a love for poultry. Chickens, for example, are found and had in every country!


All of the world’s chickens combined are 19 billion and counting, that’s almost 3 per person. That’s no paltry poultry!


• In the 1990’s, chicken passed beef as the most popular meat in America, and for good reason, chicken can be prepared and added to almost every dish!


• White meat is different from red meat by being less fatty, making white meats like turkey and chicken breast an excellent heart-healthy choice for a diet high in protein.


• A high-protein diet has also been linked to weight loss, so having quality white meat regularly can aid in losing a few pounds!




• The recommended serving is at least 1-3 servings of lean meats in your weekly diet to reap all the protein benefits.


• Poultry, like turkey, chicken, and quail, contain white meat and dark meat, so you can go from a lean to a juicy cut without making another entree!


Think Outside the Flock

How sustainable farmers care for the planet they way they care for their poultry


• Free range chickens, turkeys and quail are different from your average supermarket poultry because they live their lives outdoors, naturally and happily rather than in cages or indoors.


• The USDA certifies certain cuts as free range, but their regulations are not very strict. A USDA certified free range chicken may have been allowed outside for a portion of each day, but could also have been raised indoors most of their life.



• True free-range chickens are those that are raised outdoors on wide-open grassy farmlands that allow them to do what all chickens do naturally:

• Eat bugs, greens, and whatever leftovers they can scratch up.

• Receive natural sunlight

• Fully develop muscles

• Have a steady natural diet

• Live without the stress of overcrowded cages/coops

• Develop more nutritionally beneficial meat overall


• Meat the Butchers partners with Petaluma Poultry to ensure the chickens we receive were truly raised on pasture and given the care and freedom necessary for a healthy and stress-free life.



Petaluma’s Chickens are:

Sustainably Farmed – along with sustainable farming, they have sustainable processing methods, including tray-less packaging


Raised on Pasture


Air Chilled – This saves over 30,000 gallons of water a day


Hormone and Antibiotic-free

Carnivores tend to be smarter than Herbivores