Meat The Truth – Pork


Top 5 Reasons to Put Pork on Your Fork

55% of the meat Americans eat is Red Meat. Pork chops, roasts and tenderloin are very lean red meat cuts, being usually 9 parts protein and 1 part fat.

• A 3-ounce portion of pork has 17% of your daily value of Zinc and is rich in B-12, nutrients necessary for a strong immune system and blood production.

• Pork is easier for farmers to raise and averages 44% cheaper than beef per pound, making it the most affordable red meat in the supermarket.


• Your brain releases dopamine when you eat foods high in protein and quality; a quality chop when seared right is perfect for a mood boost.

• Pork is incredibly diverse and versatile to cook, from bacon to ham to chops to whole roasts, there’s a cut for every occasion.


Sowing the Seeds

Find these little piggies at the market and reap the benefits of sustainable farming!

• Farmer co-operatives like Niman Ranch work together to provide consumers with pork that’s healthy for people and the planet.



• Sustainably-raised pork contains No antibiotics, No hormones and No artificial ingredients.


• Sustainable farmers raise breeds that survive and thrive in their natural environment.



• Allowing hogs to pasture gives them space to move their legs and take part in their natural instincts. Sustainable farmers raise their hogs where feed and supplies are nearby to lower transportation needs and reduce carbon footprint.

Strong networks in the sustainable farming community helps family farms get paid premium prices for their meats and earn a livable wage.