Meat The Truth – Lamb


Why Your Diet Should Have a Little Lamb

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• Lamb, which is common in Mediterranean cuisine, is an excellent choice for sustainable, humane red meat to add variety to your diet.

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• Lamb is the name for meat from a young sheep, mutton is what you call meat from an older sheep.

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• A 3-ounce serving of Lamb can have 74-100% of your daily value of Vitamin B-12.


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• Lamb is rich in protein, Zinc and iron and tends to have less marbling than beef, making it a nutritious and lean choice once you trim the fat.

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• Although Lamb has fewer calories, more cancer-fighting CLA, more Omega-3s and less saturated fat than beef, Americans eat less than one pound of Lamb per person per year.


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• 26.41 billion pounds of beef was produced in the United States in 2010. Only 163 million pounds of lamb was produced, meaning lamb farming is far less industrialized.

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• Due to the lower demand, sheep are less likely to live in confined factory farms and spend most of their lives raised on a pasture eating hay and grass.



Fun Fact: Sheep have a field of vision about 300 degrees, which means they can see behind themselves without turning their heads!

Counting Sheep

Lamb’s lower demand in the United States makes for sustainable meat

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• Meat the Butchers proudly buys our lamb from sustainable family sheep farmers in America.



• Superior Farms puts their lamb to pasture on vast grasslands, while caring for natural vegetation.

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• 50% of Superior Farms’s energy consumption is offset by their own wind turbine to conserve electricity.



• We never buy lamb that was given hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs.

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• Meat from lambs raised humanely on pasture and fed grass contain 3-4 times more Omega-3 fats in every serving.



• If you don’t know where your meat came from, your best bet is to reach for the lamb in the supermarket, or better yet, find sources of fresh lamb from sustainable family farms!