Meat Lover’s 7 Secrets

“The Meat Lover’s 7 Secrets to Healthier Chillin’ & Grillin’ at Home”

Healthy proteins can—and should—be a part of every family’s diet. That’s why a new trend is emerging among the savviest shoppers when it comes to purchasing proteins. It’s a move away from grocery store-bought meats and supermarket butcher shops.

That’s because even the best grocery store butchers often offer meat, poultry, and fish that’s less than ideal from a nutritional standpoint and sub-optimal for flavor. So, if you want your family to enjoy all-natural, fresh/never frozen proteins that deliver on nutrition, taste and convenience, here are top tips for ensuring you get the best proteins available anywhere.

Secret #1 – Only Buy Meats Raised Humanely from Sustainable “Smart Farms”

As good as your supermarket butcher shop may seem, it’s wise to steer clear. That’s because most supermarket butcher shops sell Factory Farm meats. Those meats come from animals raised in concentrated animal feeding operations, called CAFOs. These CAFOs are known for several unsavory practices:

  1. They confine animals for more than 45 days during a growing season
  2. Animals are kept in an area that does not produce native vegetation
  3. Many animals are concentrated into relatively small and confined places

While this is good for livestock production, it’s harmful to the proteins being raised. Factory Farm produced meats have higher levels of toxicity, which poses a health risk to you and your family.

Instead, look for protein produced on Smart Farms. Smart farmers ensure their meats are hormone-free, steroid-free, antibiotic-free and pesticide-free — and you should ensure the same for your family, too.

Smart Farming encourages natural behaviors such as foraging, taking dust baths and wing flapping, all of which leads to healthier, safer proteins produced. Cage-free animals are not kept in cages inside a warehouse.

Smart Farming also ensures that grass-fed animals are feeding on pesticide-free grass. That’s not true of all beef, as grass-fed merely means that animals are allowed to graze on grass.

Smart Farm grass fed animals may not be fed grain or grain products, or receive hormone or antibiotic treatments of any kind. Instead, they must be raised according to Food Alliance Certified Products standards.

Plus, Free Range poultry that’s been given access to an outside area means the poultry you get is healthier so you should make Free Range poultry your family’s choice.

Want to be sure you’re getting Smart Farm proteins? Buy your meats from companies like Meat the Butchers that guarantee their animals are ranged on the pasture for the majority of each day, every day.

Secret #2 – Choosing “Smart Farm” Meats Boosts Your Intake of Essential Nutrients

We just covered the benefits of Smart Farm meats but they don’t end there. In fact, Smart Farm proteins have a lot more to offer!

Omega 3 – You get more Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (healthy fats) in meats from Smart Farms.

Nutrients – Meats from Smart Farms are richer in iron, zinc and selenium. That’s important because:

  • Iron helps form hemoglobin that transports oxygen to different parts of your body.
  • Zinc helps in tissue formation and metabolism.
  • Selenium breaks down the fat and chemicals in the body.

This is why eating iron-rich meats can help you stave off Iron deficits. Iron deficits put you at risk for anemia and low energy, which is why anemia is a chronic problem for many vegetarians. Pair Smart Farm meat with vegetables boasting a low glycemic index and you’ll feel like the Energizer Bunny™ all day long!

Smart Farm meats also contain higher levels of Vitamin A, B and D. Not only do these vitamins promote good vision and stronger teeth and bones, they also support the central nervous system, thus promoting mental health as well.

B vitamins are found in greater concentration in meats than in plant sources, and vitamin B-12 can only be found in animal sources. The B vitamins are critical to health. Deficits in these vitamins can cause confusion, impaired senses, aggression, insomnia, weakness, dementia, and peripheral neuropathy.

On the other hand, it’s no surprise that Factory Farm meats not only have fewer of the important nutrients named above, but they also contain trace amounts of the chemicals (anti-nutrients) used in production. That’s another reason you should avoid Factory-Farmed proteins.

All Natural Fre Range Organic Grass Fed Gluten Free

Secret #3 – Don’t Over Chill (freeze or re-freeze) Meat Buy it Fresh, Serve it Fresh

Why is Fresh Cut Meat the healthiest choice? It’s a simple matter of science. When you freeze meats, ice crystals form, tearing apart cell walls — this is especially true during slow freezing. That damages the meat’s texture, reduces its flavor profile, and destroys natural juices, which leak out during the thawing process from damaged cellular walls inside the meat.

Defrosting frozen meats takes time, energy and know-how. Even the most knowledgeable chefs and home cooks find defrosting to be a hit or miss approach to delivering desired results in proteins.

What’s more, you need to closely monitor frozen meats for spoilage. You can’t leave them in the freezer too long or they become watery, limp, and tasteless, as you’ve probably experienced. That’s the dreaded “freezer burn” which makes meats taste bland and unappetizing.

The trouble is, you can’t just avoid frozen meat by keeping it out of your freezer at home. Many companies freeze the meat they sell to extend its shelf life. There’s no way to guarantee how old the product you are purchasing is when you buy it frozen.

And that “fresh” meat you buy at the supermarket butcher shop? It may have been frozen, thawed, refrozen, and re-thawed multiple times before you buy it.

The only way to guarantee you get the flavor and quality in your proteins is to always purchase fresh/never frozen meats. That’s the standard protein purveyors, such as Meat the Butchers, uphold. And it’s the healthiest, most flavorful choice.

Secret #4 – Order Meats Delivered Fresh Right to Your Door

Amazingly, as a matter of pure convenience, Smart Farm friendly meats can be the way to go. That’s because Meat the Butchers offers fresh/never frozen Smart Farm meats delivered right to your door.

The artisan butchers at Meat the Butchers can do your Smart Farm sourcing, professional cutting, curating, and servicing for all of your protein needs, so you get several benefit!

Time Savings – No more waiting in lines at the supermarket butcher shop only to buy frozen — or even refrozen — Factory Farm cuts of meat. Think of Meat the Butchers as the Amazon for all your family’s healthy farm to plate proteins!

Convenience – Ordering is easy. Order your favorite choices as you want them. Enroll in the Meat the Butchers Subscription Box service so that you always have Smart Farm meats on hand. Even send a friend or loved one a gift box to show your appreciation for their health and enjoyment.

Money Savings – As a subscriber, you enjoy savings by choosing weekly or monthly delivery options.

Peace of Mind – Let Meat the Butchers curate a box for you of their most popular choices. All you do is add salt and pepper and cook!

Healthiest Choice – Your family deserves the best, healthiest, tastiest proteins available. Rest assured, that’s what you get from Meat the Butchers

Nutrition – Meat is a vital part of a child’s diet, according to a two-year study of school kids. Without it, children grow up smaller, less strong and less intelligent, results suggest.

Secret #5 – A Healthy Diet Starts with Beef – One Powerful Protein

You probably know that protein is vital for health and maintenance of your body. Proteins function as building blocks for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood. They’re also the building blocks for enzymes, hormones and vitamins.

Four ounces of steak contains 28 grams of complete protein including all of the essential amino acids.

Protein strengthens your immune system by producing anti-bodies that protect your body from infection, and increases your energy levels while carrying out vital metabolic functions.

Stimulation of orexin cells in the brain is a critical component of feeling energized. It’s directly linked to energy expenditure and wakefulness. Scientists at the University of Cambridge discovered that amino acids stimulate orexin cells more than any other nutrients do—and as you now know, Smart Farm meat contains ample amino acids. On the other hand, reduced activity in orexin cells has been linked to weight gain and narcolepsy.

Meat is top priority for all athletes who want to perform at optimal levels. Additionally, Consuming meat protein leads to burning more calories and more energy.

Meat is a vital part of a child’s diet, according to a two-year study of schoolkids. Without it, children grow up smaller, less strong and less intelligent, results suggest.

Secret #6 – Eating Protein puts your Body into “Fat Burning Mode”

If you’re trying to maintain healthy bodily functions in yourself and your family, a proper serving of healthier, Smart Farm meats can help you do it. Here’s how:

Meat helps keep blood sugar levels stable due to its fat and high protein content. Steady blood sugar is critical in preventing type 2 Diabetes, as well as other chronic diseases.

With stable blood sugar, you’re less likely to crave fattening snacks and sweets between meals. You can battle sugar cravings by eating more meat! Controlling blood sugar levels reduces the amount of insulin your body produces and activates the body’s “Fat Burning Mode.”

It also helps keep energy levels steady and creates a feeling of satiety between meals, reducing cravings for unhealthy foods.

Meat has a high thermogenic (fat burning) effect because of its protein content, so that approximately 30% of its calories are burned off during digestion alone. Digesting carbohydrates produces only a 6–8% increase in energy expenditure, while digesting the protein in meat typically produces a whopping 25–40% increase!

Secret #7 – Cook Well, Eat Well, and Live Well

When it comes to enhancing you and your family’s lifestyle, consider this three-part philosophy, straight from our artisan butchers themselves.

Cook Well – Prepare meals using high quality cuts of meat, while following the Meat the Butchers health conscious recipes and videos (loaded with secrets from award winning chefs). It’s fun, especially when you start with the right ingredients. It’s easy (salt, pepper and a grill is all you need). And your family will love your new health conscious Gourmet Kitchen.

Eat Well – One big reason to eat meat… It tastes pretty darn good! Steak off the grill, roasted chicken, tender pot roasts, need we say more? For most of us, a meal is not a meal without a delicious cut of meat at the center. We love meat, and meat loves us back with a host of health benefits. So be true to your nature and your taste buds with a delectable selection of Smart Farm proteins.

Live Well – For many of us, one of life’s greatest gifts is sitting down with family over a magnificent dinner. Just imagine…

  • The incredible aromas circulating throughout your home as you call everyone to the table. The smiles, laughter and joy that fill the air as your family strolls to an appetizing setting.
  • With mouthwatering anticipation, they sit down and take a bite of the juiciest, most flavorful meat you’ve ever made. The taste is out of this world. You look around and realize… your family is happy. Your friends are beyond impressed. You feel so appreciated and grateful for this experience.
  • You smile now, too. And you think to yourself, “This was so easy! Wait until they see what’s for dinner tomorrow.” And one of life’s secrets to living well is yours. Success!


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Start Putting These Secrets into Action Now– Here’s how:

  1. Choose humane, health-conscious Smart Farm meats.
  2. Smart Farm proteins mean you get the highest quality, nutrient rich foods.
  3. Serve meats that are fresh, never frozen. Most supermarkets don’t offer this — instead they sell Factory-Farmed meats that are thawed and refrozen multiple times.
  4. Meat is made up health-building, immune system-enhancing proteins that are loaded with many nutrients essential to your physical and mental health.
  5. Eating meat will help you cut sugar cravings, boost your energy levels and put your body into “Fat Burning Mode.
  6. Order fresh, Smart Farm artisan-prepared cuts of meat, delivered to your door from a premium protein purveyor like Meat the Butchers.
  7. With the philosophy of Cook Well, Eat Well and, Live Well, you can turn your home into a gourmet kitchen by using the simple recipes, enjoyable videos, and easy ordering from Meat the Butchers to cook fast, delicious meals your family will love.

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