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I'm familiar with ordering from Omaha Steaks. Is this service like that?

We provide a service similar to Omaha Steaks in that we ship meats that you order online. But our products and business services are very different. We ship our meats fresh with gel packs to keep the meat refrigerated; we do not use dry ice. We do not carry grain fed beef, our beef is exclusively corn or grass fed. We do not offer select grade meat, we only supply Choice and Prime grade meats. To read more about the differences about our companies, read this article.

Do you have Gift Certificates?

Yes. Gift Card options are available in our store’s Gift Center.

Where can I find more information about your meat?

All of our informational pages can be accessed through the navigation bar at the top of our website. Our blog page is filled with helpful and informational articles about our meats. Also, feel free to ask our live chat operators any questions you have during your browse on our site.

Has your meat ever been recalled/found to be unsafe to eat?

No. In the 50 years we have been serving restaurants, none of our meat has ever been recalled or posed a threat to consumer health. Not one ounce.

Can I order over the phone?

Yes. To place an order, or if you have a question and would like to speak to a representative, call our online support team (323) 277-9046.

How do your prices compare with other companies similar to you?

Most companies do not offer products exactly like ours. To better illustrate, here is a chart of similar products available from similar companies. [chart]

How do I apply for a position at Premier Meat Company?

To see which positions we are currently looking to fill, please visit our careers page. To fill out an application online, check the “Apply Now” button to submit an application or download our application PDF then fax your completed application to

Are you currently hiring butchers?

If you want to learn more about our open positions, please visit our careers page.

Is there somebody I could speak to and ask any questions I have?

Absolutely. Our live chat is monitored by a customer service rep from 8am-11pm PST. You can also call our online customer service number 323-277-9046 and speak with a live representative between these times.







Where do you get your meat from?

We source all our proteins from Premier Meat Company, a leading supplier in the food industry, serving high end restaurants in Southern California and Vegas for decades.

Do you have Free-Range/Grass-Fed options?

Yes. You will notice that all of our chicken cuts are free-range and sustainable. Our beef comes in corn-fed and grass-fed options. Our premium Black Angus steaks are corn fed, you may also find beef options that are grass-fed, dry-aged or USDA Prime.

Is your meat sustainable?

Yes! We source exclusively from family farms and ranches with high standards of sustainablility.

Do you carry Halal?

We do not stock Halal products, we can, however, place a special order for them. This would cost a nominal fee and add time to your estimated delivery date. Send any special request orders to and you will be quoted for price.

Is your chicken organic?

All chicken cuts in our store are Petaluma Poultry’s free-range chicken. They were never given antibiotics, hormones or steroids. They were fed a 100% vegetarian diet and are a Non-GMO Project Verified product. Petaluma also offers USDA certified organic chicken. The difference between their organic chickens and the chicken we offer is that the food they were fed was organic. Both were raised on sustainable family owned farms, air chilled and fed a natural diet. The reason we offer their free range chicken and not their organic chicken is because our company also serves to restaurants who do not have a high demand for organic chicken products.

Do you have organic options?

Because Petaluma offers organic chicken, a special request for your cut to be organic can be made. This would cause a delay in delivery date and a small surcharge in your order. We have organic options for chicken and lamb products. Send any special request orders to and you will be quoted for price.













How often will I receive meat?

You can choose to receive meat every week, every other week, or just one week out of the month! To receive our packages one week out of every month, choose the "One Week" option. For a family of 2-4 people, this will be 6-8 lbs of meat each package. That's 6-8 lbs of meat a month. For more information, refer to the chart below. [chart]

How much meat can I expect?

Each shipment of meat will contain: 6-8 lbs of meat to feed 2-4 people or 10-12 lbs of meat to feed 4-8 people

When do I get billed for my shipments?

Billing is made monthly at the end of each month once subscriptions have been mailed out.

What day will I receive my meat?

When placing your order for a monthly subscription, one of the options you will receive is "Which day would you like to receive your order?" This means you can receive your shipments on Tuesdays or Fridays. This is the day you will receive your order every time.

What type of meats will I receive?

You can expect to receive any combination of meats available from our site, from chicken to lamb to seafood. You can also exclude any type of meat you do not wish to receive and it will be replaced with an alternative of equal value.

How do I cancel/suspend my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, edit your subscription information in your account management or you can go to



Is it safe to ship meats fresh?

Yes. Premier Meat Company spent two years developing the technology that will keep meat at safe temperatures without using dry ice. Our innovative insolated boxes keep in the cold and keep out the heat for up to 40 hours.

How long does it take my order to get to me?

Because we ship our meats refrigerated and our packaging can keep meats at safe temperatures for 40 hours, we use FedEx overnight shipping so that no time is wasted getting your order from us to you.

I came home and my box was waiting on my doorstep. Is it still safe to eat?

Absolutely. Our packaging allows the meats to stay at cool temperatures for up to 40 hours, keeping them fresh the entire way.

Do you deliver to my zip code?

We deliver to all homes within the continental United States. Unfortunately, this excludes Hawaii and Alaska residencies because overnight shipping to these areas is impossible. If your home is located in mainland United States, you can expect to receive your meats in under 48 hours!

Meat the butchers is committed to send you top quality items, with added nutritional value. We understand shipping costs can be a burden, so we added an affordable Ground option. Keep in mind Ground delivery for all US countries ( Aside from Southern CA) Will be shipped Frozen 2-5 day delivery depending on your location. We always recommend to ship Fresh Products but understand if Frozen Ground is more affordable. In both cases you receive high end, clean proteins delivered to your doorstep for the perfect farm to fork experience.