Joshu A5 Wagyu NY Strip 16-18oz



Joshu Wagyu is beef raised in the Gunma Prefecture. Our A5 Joshu Wagyu New York Strips are characterized by its rich fat content, The tender and juicy steaks produce dishes that are the highest quality. The beautiful marbled steaks don’t become tough even when grilled, you can taste its melt in your mouth quality. In addition, the red meat is properly marbled with fat, which gives Joshu Wagyu its signature texture.

Portion: 16-18oz Cuts

Joshu Wagyu is beef raised in the Gunma Prefecture. Joshu Wagyu is processed in a certified beef processing facility at the Gunma Meat Wholesale Market, which meets the strict criteria of the USDA. Gunnma Prefecture is a growing area for the livestock industry, with abundant water resources from the Tone River and surrounded by green mountains. Beef cattle in Gunma have long been known for their rich flavor of their meat.

Weight 1.2 lbs
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