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Monthly Proteins Subscription


Get the highest quality, delivered-fresh-never-frozen meats, poultry and seafood you crave not just one time, but all the time. 

Subscribe now to ensure you’re covered for everything from lightning-quick weeknight meals to last-minute weekend get-togethers.


All subscriptions are available as gift subscriptions too, for anyone you deem deserving of the highest quality proteins to enjoy at home.

Please note: you must make opt in/out or subscription customization by the 15th of the month for changes to take effect the following month.


Once packages are assembled, they're shipped off to you, only to arrive within two days to ensure the freshest quality. You'll get a variety of grass fed beef, fresh fish, free range poultry, gourmet lamb, and premium pork.


With just a little bit of slicing, dicing, sauteing, simmering, and roasting in the kitchen, you have turned your sustainable, fresh meat into an elegant, aromatic, juicy meal, ready to be served at your dinner table.


Sign Up Details

Signing up for our fresh meat subscription service is very easy. You need to make two choices:

1. Select which subscription suites your needs best.

2. Is it for you on a weekly or monthly basis or are you buying it as a gift.

Shipments are made on the first Tuesday of every week or month.

Delivery is once a week for weekly or one a month for monthly ongoing subscriptions. For gift subscriptions deliveries are made on a monthly basis until the term ends.

For on-going shipments, You will be charged when we send product out to you.  For Gift subscription, You will be charged the full amount when the first delivery is made.

Meals are calculated on a 4oz suggested serving size.


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6 Item(s)

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