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  • Make Filet Mignon Prime Steak a Part of This Year’s Tailgating Experience

    This year, instead of settling for poor quality roasts and burger, commit yourself to eating tailgating food that delights your taste buds. You can achieve this by using Meat the Butchers filet mignon prime filet steak to make these perfect tailgating delicacies. All you need to pack is your grill and a few ingredients.

    Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon Prime Steak Bites

    • 1 8oz Meat the Butchers filet mignon prime steak
    • 6 or 7 slices of thick, wide cut bacon
    • A pinch of salt
    • A dash of pepper-finely ground
    • 1 cup of olive oil
    • toothpicks

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  • Different Types of All-Natural Lamb Chops

    Both agriculture and eating in the United States is in a state of constant evolution. One of the big changes we’re seeing is that an increasing number of livestock producers are moving away from beef operations and replacing their cows with breeding ewes and raising lamb instead of steers.

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